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Division Combat Skills Center


Division Combat Skills Center

2nd Marine Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.
ISMT Sgt. Palmieri

The purpose of this capability is to provide members of the Division a realistic training venue to practice marksmanship.  This will be a scenario based training opportunity, providing units the ability to train in both day and night environments.  Units will be able to request mission specific weapon systems to train on; Current weapons available: M9, M16A4, M4, M203, M249, M 240G, MK-19, M2 .50cal , 870 shotgun, SMAW, 60mm, 81mm, AT-4. (for class reservations please fill out form shown below, and submit 30 days prior to date requested to matthew.palmieri@usmc.mil  ( 450 – 6714 ) Secondary Email: Sgt. Sneed  james.sneed@usmc.mil

At this time ISMT 1, located on “I“street, due to refurbishment. All shoots will be located at ISMT 2 “C“street. The ISMT facilities will be scheduled in a first come first serve manner. Please try to schedule at least one to 1.5 months out, due to the influx of requests we are receiving. When your unit is scheduled to shoot at either of the facilities and you would like to cancel or be late please let us know at a minimum of two weeks from your date. There is no piggy backing on other units at the ISMT’s. We do not allow any weapons inside of the ISMT main room, if you do bring them we ask that they stay in the classroom with a watch posted provided by the attending unit. We also ask that the attending unit not park in the ISMT parking lot due to limited space, and that everyone park in the parking lots across the street from the facilities.


Important Message: 


 Sgt. Palmieri: matthew.palmieri@usmc.mil