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Division Combat Skills Center


Division Combat Skills Center

2nd Marine Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Machinegun Course (MG) Sgt.Tornberg


    Provide Marines a basic understanding of the skills necessary to perform as a Machine Gunner or Assistant Machine Gunner. The course includes instruction on the M2 .50 Cal, MK 19, M240B and M249 SAW. The course will train Machine gunners in maintenance, mounting, operation, immediate and remedial action, target engagement and employment. Upon the completion of the course which includes classroom instruction, practical application followed by ISMT training and culminating in a live fire event, Marines will be able to serve as Machine Gunners and Assistant Machine Gunners within their unit.

    Ammo Requirements Per Marine
200 5.56mm Lnk
200 7.62mm Lnk
100 .50 Call Ball Lnk
  32 40mm Lnk
    Weapons Requirements Per Class
6 M249 SAWs (SL-3 Complete)
6 M240B (SL-3 Complete)
6 M2 .50 Cal (SL-3 Complete)
6 MK19 40mm (SL-3 Complete)