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Division Combat Skills Center


Division Combat Skills Center

2nd Marine Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Mortars Sgt.Whitaker


60MM Mortars Course

To provide Marines a basic understanding of the skills necessary to perform as a Gunner or Assistant Gunner in a 60mm mortar section.  The course includes instruction on the 60mm mortar system.  The course will train Marines in maintenance, mounting, operation, misfires, immediate and remedial action, target engagement, gun line procedures and methods of employment, to include a live fire range. All Marines will be evaluated based on 0341 T&R standards.

Ammo Requirements
200 BA 16 cartridge
200 60mm HE
200 M720A1 w/ fuse
200 M734A1


Weapons Requirements
6 M224 Lightweight mortar systems (SL-3 Complete)



Fire Direction Center (FDC)

To provide Marines the necessary skills to perform in a Fire Direction Center. This course will train Marines in nomenclature, board set up, and methods of plotting with numerous practical exercises to include a proficiency exam. All Marines will be evaluated based on the 0341 FDC T&R Standards.