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AR RAMADI, Iraq (March 12, 2005) - Rex, a three-year-old Belgium Malonois, sits after picking up the scent of explosive residual, which is what he's trained to detect. His handler, 21-year-old Lance Cpl. Marshall S. Spring from Ashland, Oregon, a military dog handler with Operation Force Protection, I Marine Expeditionary Force, does a visual inspection. Sergeant Christopher L. Olinger, Air Force Tech Sgt. Robert P. Hansen and Spring, military dog handlers and their canines, Jack, Nero and Rex, can be seen searching vehicles at the three vehicle check points just outside the Hurricane Point camp's perimeter. The six are here supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom while attached to 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. They each do between 40 and 50 random searches a day in an effort to detect and stop improvised explosive devices and vehicle born IEDs from being delivered and doing harm. They are the Marine Corps' first line of defense against insurgents bringing explosives and materials to make explosives into the southern part of the city. (Official United States Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Tom Sloan)