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Sara Frensler, 1 year 8 months, plays with one of the many toys brought to the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment swap meet. Toys, furniture and household goods were brought for families that may need them.

Photo by Pfc. Joseph D. Day

2/10 Marines share the wealth

23 Jul 2006 | Pfc. Joseph D. Day

The children and spouses of Marines from 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, both home and abroad, came together for some fun and companionship at Marston Pavilion here, July 23.

The key volunteer network put together a swap meet as a means of support for families of deployed Marines and those still stateside preparing for the next rotation to Iraq.
“The families can take what they need without having to bring or pay for anything,” Fields said. “We are sharing the wealth with the families that need it.”

The 10th Marines families brought a variety of clothes, household items and toys to the meet. It was a feast of items to help provide clothes and toys for children of all ages as well as provide household items to families in need.

“These events give support to the loved ones of Marines deployed,” Beth Fields said, a key volunteer network coordinator.

Children were playing with a variety of toys brought to the meet. The toys ranged from toddlers learning toys to children’s bikes and board games. Sara Fensler, a daughter of a Marine in the unit, played with some toys her mother would later pick out for her daughter.

“I was able to get a couple toys for my daughter, Sara, at the meet,” Meredith Fensler said, a wife of a Marine deployed in Iraq.

There was not only an abundance of items for families but an abundance of communication between the families. The chatter filled the room with an aura of togetherness.

“The event gave the families a chance to come together and get to know each other,” Parker, the key volunteer network adviser, said.

Support and the comfort of knowing someone is there for you was the message of the day.

“Families were able to make connect with each other and build bonds between them and the other families going through very similar situations,” Parker explained.

A highlight of the meet was a potluck style lunch that included foods provided by the Marines and families. This buffet lunch enabled the families to mingle and build on new and past bonds.

“I was able to talk to families at the event, and I found out that there are families in the same situation that I am in,” Fensler said. “It really helps to know that there are people there for my family.”