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Lance Cpl. Kevin D. Drosos, a data network specialist with Cyber Platoon, Communications Company, Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, types commands on a network computer while troubleshooting for fellow specialists aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., July 27, 2011. Lance Cpl. Andres E. Roybal (right), a fellow data network specialist, follows along with him as well as Pvt. Javier Gonzalez.

Photo by Pvt. Brian M. Woodruff

Cyber Marine takes job to a whole new level

28 Jul 2011 | Pvt. Brian M. Woodruff

Lights blinked and flashed, and motors hummed as Lance Cpl. Kevin D. Drosos, a data network specialist, moved his fingers across the computer.

Drosos, who is currently with Cyber Platoon, Communications Company, Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, spends his time rooting through circuitry and puzzling over computer conundrums.

Growing up, Drosos always knew he wanted to work with computers. He had a knack for it.

“My dad came home once with a brand new computer, and right away I started to take off the panels and analyze the inside,” said the Fresno, Calif. native. “My dad had no idea what I was doing.”

By the age of 12, he was getting involved in computer building and repair, something usually reserved for those who have had specialized training.

“I’m really interested in everything involving computers, so from a young age I was always trying to take the initiative to learn more and increase my knowledge about all areas of computers.”

After finishing high school, when it came time to choose the path he’d take for at least the next four years, Drosos surprised everyone he knew.

“I chose the Marine Corps because I knew I wanted to start a family and that was very important to me,” said Drosos, “but I also wanted to gain more discipline and gain more life experience before I went to college.”

As it turned out, Drosos’ choice may have been a good one. His fellow Marines all admire his great attitude and work ethic, giving him recognition for how well he performs his duties.

“He’s a little goofy, but he’s so enthusiastic,” said Lance Cpl. Andres E. Roybal, a fellow data network specialist with the platoon. “He always takes the initiative to learn new things, and working with him always makes the job easier because he’s so excited about doing it.”

His peers aren’t the only ones giving Drosos recognition. His superiors also realize the extent of his talents and make sure to take full advantage of them.

“I’m very confident in his ability to do his job and do it correctly,” said Sgt. Brian R. Schulz, a data network specialist with the platoon. “He’s intuitive about computers in the way that some people just are, as though they were talking to him. This is definitely the job he was made for.”

So why does he enjoy working on computers so much? He says it has to do with feeling like you have a talent that most people can’t understand.

“Computers and computer systems are very specific, very complex,” said Drosos. “To learn to work on them, you have to have the aptitude for noticing finite details. Not just anyone can learn to be a mechanic and work on the newest, most complex cars. It takes someone who’s inclined to it.”

Drosos is involved with technology even outside of work. At home, he downloads comparable programs to the ones he works with learning about them on his off-time for fun.

“I spend a lot of time working with technology,” said Drosos. “I set up media servers using my home computer, stream T.V. from my Playstation 3 and even tune my car’s electronic systems using my laptop.”

That’s why after fewer than six months in the fleet, Drosos is already branching out.  He came to the fleet with a basic understanding of servers, and now he is training to become proficient in advanced server techniques.

“I’m currently learning to manage a server system, which is really exciting for me and a new experience,” said Drosos. “Every day in this job it’s something new. The world of technology is constantly changing.”