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AL QA'IM, Iraq- Raja Nuwaf Fahran Al-Sharhi, the mayor of Al Qa'im discusses problems with Iraqis not being able to understand vehicle check points with Lt. Col. Timothy S. Mundy, commanding officer of 3rd Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment and representatives of the 5th Civil Affairs Group. The meeting was to discuss future projects and better relationships between Iraqis and US forces at the super phosphate plant here. Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Eric C. Ely (RELEASED)

Photo by Cpl Eric C Ely

3/2's CO meets with Al Qa'im mayor

15 Mar 2005 | Lance Cpl. Lucian Friel

Lieutenant Col. Timothy S. Mundy, commanding officer of 3rd Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment and Marines with the 5th Civil Affairs Group met with Raja Nuwaf Fahran Al-Sharhi, the mayor of Al Qa'im.They met at the super phosphate plant here to discuss future projects and how to better relationships between the Iraqis and U.S. forces .Mundy and Al-Sharhi discussed possible changes to be made with the battalion taking over operations in the area from 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment."The overall goal of this meeting was to get a list of requests from the people as provided by the mayor and go over a list of projects we are going to do for them. The meeting was also to let them know what we need from them in order to accomplish our mission here," explained Capt. Geoffrey S. Shows, the battalion staff judge advocate.An interpreter translated as Mundy listened to issues presented to the mayor by the Iraqi people."The mayor had a series of meetings with the local leaders and town sheiks to compile a list of requests for us," Shows explained. One of the topics discussed were problems the Iraqis are having with understanding vehicle checkpoints.Mundy explained to Al- Sharhi the procedures the battalion uses at vehicle checkpoints and then discussed arrangements that could help solve any communication problem.They also discussed the possibility of a local hospital and some schools being built as well as a power line going from Al Asad to Al Qa'im.Mundy explained that the building of these projects would put many local Iraqis to work.Al-Sharhi conferred that they want to improve conditions in Husaybah, a city approximately 20 miles northwest of Al Qa'im."This was the first meeting where it was just Lieutenant Colonel Mundy and the mayor. It was the first time (the battalion) was able to sit down with the local leader," Shows continued. "We can now work toward a common goal. "