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2nd Tank Battalion


2nd Tank Battalion

2nd Marine Division

Camp Lejeune, NC

2d Tank Bn Chaplain           
(910) 451-6344

"My faith now anchors my entire perspective, strengthening the lessons of right and wrong that I learned as a child; giving far greater meaning to my daily actions, decisions, and example; helping me to order my priorities; and filling me with the joy of God's love and salvation. My faith reinforces - and is reinforced by - the core values of the institution to which I have dedicated my professional life, the United States Marine Corps."

                                                            -General Charles C. Krulak
31st Commandant of the Marine Corps

Every human being needs some form of spiritual direction and guidance.  As the 2d Tank Battalion Chaplain, I am here to offer opportunities for self improvement, counsel, and religious formation.  My intent is to maximize the opportunities for you to learn and live your faith, as you serve our nation. 
We are truly blessed to have so many dedicated and talented individuals within our Command, and I am humbled to be a member of such a fine group of warriors. I know that the leaders in this command believe that the spiritual health of every Marine and Sailor is of utmost importance to combat readiness.  With that in mind, if there is anything that I can do to help you deepen your faith or if you simply need some advice, feel free to contact me.  I am available at all hours of the day and know that the details of our conversations are always confidential.  I have also included my personal biography below to give you a brief insight into my personal and professional experiences.

Semper Fidelis,

Chaplain Jason Chambers