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2d Marine Division

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Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Commander's Intent

Commander’s Intent

Marines and Sailors of 2d Tank Battalion, this document is designed to clarify priorities and provide direction.

Purpose: We are a proficient, combat ready Tank Battalion prepared to accomplish any assigned mission.

Method: We will increase our combat readiness, warfighting ability, and the professional and personal development of every Marine and Sailor in the battalion. This will be accomplished through teamwork, training, discipline, balance, and tradition.

  • Teamwork: “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual” (Lombardi). From the individual crew to the battalion as a whole, our success will depend on the ability of each Marine and Sailor to perform their given task to the very best of their ability. By adopting a team-first approach we will strengthen our skill sets by focusing on individual and collective unit tasks that will improve the overall performance of the battalion. Strength comes by maximizing individual talent through a combined effort and common vision.


  • Training: The ability to move, shoot, and communicate is critical to a tank battalion’s ability to close with and destroy the enemy. This is primarily accomplished through mastery of maintenance, gunnery, and tactics. We will commit to a training regimen that involves tough, realistic training driven by both doctrine and innovation. The priority is to increase the proficiency of all mission essential tasks, while remaining adaptable to emerging requirements. Technical and tactical proficiency is developed through a building block approach to training. Brilliance in the basics provides a foundation for all training and leads to increased confidence in our ability to execute the mission.


  • Discipline: Discipline is an uncompromising hallmark of our Marines. We are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal appearance and conduct – on and off duty. We will increase our combat readiness and protect the reputation of our unit and the Corps through a professional and personal commitment to discipline. Have the courage to do the right thing for the right reason, always.


  • Balance: We are naturally competitive with a drive to succeed and improve ourselves professionally. This commitment to excellence in the performance of our duties is very demanding. Finding a balance in our professional and personal life is essential to long term health and success. A mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced Marine or Sailor with a healthy family life will be more productive. We will increase our combat readiness through a balanced commitment to our profession, families, and each other.


  • Tradition: 2d Tank Battalion has a storied history that began with successful combat operations in WWII. Since then this battalion has distinguished itself on several occasions. This battalion’s identity and traditions are something we should take great pride in protecting. Through our professional conduct and esprit de corps, we honor the sacrifices of those that helped shape our battalion’s legacy. Our actions will reflect pride in the unit and respect for tradition.

End State: a well-trained, combat ready Tank Battalion that functions as a team, maintains a disciplined and balanced lifestyle, and protects the integrity of the battalion and its Marines and Sailors.


Semper Fidelis


L. J. Langfeldt

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC