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Second Marine Adversary Force Company trains and maintains a Force on Force adversary, capable of conducting squad to company sized operations, acting as a realistic thinking enemy, versed in peer adversary tactics and techniques, able to execute operations in any clime or place during small and large unit exercises in order to prepare the GCE for combat operations across the spectrum of warfare.



 2D Marine Division
 Adversary Force Company
 PSC BOX 20088
 Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-20088


 OMB email address
 Share point link
 ADFOR SharePoint







MON-FRI 0700-1600
Closed on weekends, Holidays or after hours

Adversary Force Company is currently located on C street at building 101, next to the base theater.






Directions for requesting training from Adversary Force Company:
1) Download these forms: For Adversary Force TSR:  ADFOR_REQUEST   or for our ISMT: ISMT_REQUEST
2) Once these documents are filled out completely send to: 2DMARDIV_DCSC@USMC.MIL
3) Check Availability on our Calendar


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2nd Marine Division