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Classification of Courses
                                      Classification of Courses                                 

Courses at the DCSC can be divided into two categories:  Individual Courses and Unit Supported Courses. The majority of courses offered by the DCSC will be individual courses; unit supported course require the collaborative planning between the unit being trained and the DCSC staff.    

Individual Courses:   Advanced Trauma Care (ATC), Basic Trauma Care (BTC), Pre-Advanced Mortar Course (PAMC), Basic Machinegun Course, and Pre- Advanced Scout Sniper Course (PASSC).  The Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT) can be used in conjunction or as a separate training aid.  These courses focus on training the individual Marines/Sailors, from multiple units on individual skills.  Programs of Instruction (POIs) are set.  Specific roles and responsibilities of the training unit differ by course, but are generally less than the unit trained courses.  

    Modular Training:  Modular Training is training that is coordinated between the unit and DCSC and is catered to specific tasks.  This training will be supported as an individual course unless the unit wants something outside of our course POIs.  For example: The unit requests to shoot 5000 rounds on table 3 and 4 with machineguns.  This would be outside the ammunition allotted for the classes we would provide therefore it would be moved in to the Unit Supported bracket, however we would still provide the ammunition that is allotted in our POI.  Each course Chief will ensure all Instructors are available during Modular training to support the max class capacity listed in the course POI.  If that is not possible the Chief Instructor will determine the number of students for the training based off the required student to instructor ratio outlined in their POI.

Overview: Individual courses have set POIs, which generally requires significantly less logistical support from the units being trained.  They are attended by Marines/Sailors from a variety of different units.  DCSC coordinates with Headquarters Battalion (HQBN) to support the majority of the course’s logistical requirements.  DCSC will provide:  transportation from the company headquarters to the training area/range,  Officer in Charge (OIC), Range Safety Officer (RSO), Position Safety Officers (PSOs), safety vehicle and driver, and training facility/ranges.  Parent Units will still be responsible to ensure their Marines/Sailors arrive at the DCSC at the assigned time, with required weapons, optics, and gear (please see paragraph 3-3 for additional requirements of the primary training unit).  In addition to this information, please reference the Letters of Instruction (LOIs) pertaining to each course offered.


Participating in an individual skills course requires scheduling, reservations, planning conference (as needed), and execution.  Some courses require that the service member bring their own T/O weapon system. 

Unit Supported Courses: Threat Force Development Course (TFDC), Advanced Trauma Care (ATC), Basic Trauma Care (BTC), Basic Mortar Course, Fire Direction Center (FDC), and Basic Machinegun Course.  The Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT) can be used in conjunction or as a separate training aid.  The courses offered in this format, focus on training a single unit in collective skills and the POIs permit limited modifications based on specific unit needs.  Logistical requirements are generally the responsibility of the training unit.  Detailed planning between training unit and the DCSC staff should begin no less than 90 days before estimated Training Day 1 (TD1) in order to facilitate effective training.

Overview:  The planning process encompasses everything from course reservation to (TD1).  Key events include: course reservation, an initial planning conference (IPC) held 90 days prior to TD1, a mid-planning conference (MPC) held about 45 days prior to TD1, and a Final Planning Conference/Confirmation Brief held approximately ten days prior to TD1.  Additional coordination is continuous throughout the process.

The DCSC exists to support unit training requirements, and the training unit’s involvement is critical to success. 

Specific Course Requirements:

a.    Weapons/ Optics:

(1)   The DCSC does not currently maintain the ability to store weapons or optics while in garrison.  It is the training units’ responsibility to transport weapons TO AND FROM the DCSC, DAILY, when required.

(2)  Individuals taking part in a DCSC sponsored training events will maintain their own gear accountability.  Parent commands will identify a senior service member who will ensure proper accountability of all serialized gear.

(3)  Weapons must have passed a Limited Technical Inspection (LTI) and Pre-Fire Inspection (PFI) no less than seven days prior to TD1.  Documentation must be provided to the DCSC operation section no less than two working days from the beginning of the course.   

(4)  The DCSC staff will require all service members who temp loan gear (weapons, optics, communications gear, etc.) to sign an Equipment Custody Receipt (ECR) card.  This gear will be accounted for twice a day and reported by the chief instructor or service member.

(5)  It is the parent command’s responsibility to replace broken gear within 24hrs; new gear must be accompanied by proper LTI and PFI documentation.         

b.    Logistics:

(1)    Chow will not be provided by the DCSC.  Marines or Sailors attending DCSC classes in garrison will be secured for chow.  Units sending individuals to the DCSC to take part in field training are responsible for providing their own chow/Meals Ready to Eats (MREs) for the duration of the training. (See Course LOI).

(2)    Transportation will only be provided by the DCSC from the DCSC building to the training venue.  Additional transportation requirements need to be supported by the parent command or communicated to the DCSC operations section prior to the event beginning. 

Points of Contact 

The primary point of contact for scheduling courses and planning conferences is the DCSC Training Chief, (910)449-9886.

Directions for requesting training at Division Combat Skills Company:
2) Once these documents are filled out completely send to: 2DMARDIV_DCSC@USMC.MIL

3) Once you receive email confirmation check the DCSC Scheduling to ensure your unit is attached to the requested course​.

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