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Media promotion/publicity maximizes event attendance. The promotional materials contained in this sponsor package include band biographies, ensemble descriptions, a personnel roster, and media materials suitable for radio and / or television public service announcements. Feel free to use any promotional materials for publicity purposes. If we can provide additional materials to support your efforts, please do not hesitate to contact our Public Affairs Office at (910) 450-9511.


When a member of the band is identified as a resident from your area, the Public Affairs Office will provide the Marine’s biography and photograph for publication. Additionally, when scheduling permits, a public affairs photographer and videographer will accompany the band, further publicizing your event through various Marine Corps publications.


The following outline if provided as a guideline for your promotional campaign:


2 weeks prior to event - Full page ad containing band biography, picture, time, location, free admission information, and coupon for ticket requests (if necessary).


1 week prior to event - PSA, entertainment ad, post flyers within community, provide coupons for ticket requests.


4 days prior to event - PSA, newspaper story and photo of local Marine band member (if applicable), provide coupons for ticket requests (mention last day for mail-ins, and location of ticket pick-up).


2-3 days prior to event - PSA


1 day prior to event - PSA, newspaper story and photo of the Officer in Charge.


The following outlets may be useful in the promotion of your event:


-Local/regional daily and weekly newspapers

-Community news calendars

-Local TV programming, student channels

-Mainstream local radio or nearby college stations

-Church/synagogue mailings, newsletters

-Community/senior centers


-Grocery stores

-City museums and public halls

2nd Marine Division