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Headquarters BN


Headquarters BN

2nd Marine Division

Camp Lejeune, NC
Headquarters Battalion For the Families

SSgt Jeremy D. Sanders

Building 318 on Holcomb Blvd.

PSC Box 20088 Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0088

Office: (910) 450-6574

Fax: (910) 451-2568

Email: Jeremy.D.Sanders@usmc.mil

We're on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/hqbn2dmardiv

For readiness information visit our eMarine website!

The eMarine website is a secure site available only to Marines, Service Members, Civilians serving Marines and their Family Members. This system will provide Family Members with a valuable tool to access documents, view photos/videos, participate in forums, and gain important information about their Marine's Unit from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

A Unit's eMarine site promotes a community feeling within Units by providing a place that is customized to the Unit and contains content that is controlled by the Unit. These sites can be accessed any time to view information and photos, read stories, ask questions, participate in Forums, and much more.

In order for families to gain access to eMarine their sponsor will need to send them an invitation. See the "Getting Started" webpage for more information: https://www.emarine.org/skins/eMarine/display.aspx?action=display_page&mode=User&ModuleID=8cde2e88-3052-448c-893d-d0b4b14b31c4&ObjectID=434027f6-8832-4317-a9a0-56f7bf8688c3