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Headquarters BN

2nd Marine Division

Camp Lejeune, NC
Headquarters Battalion Contact Us
For any improvements to the Headquarters Battalion website or general inquiries, please contact the S-6 at 2MarDiv_HQBn_S6@usmc.mil

Headquarters Battalion (Bldg 320) is located at the intersection of Holcomb Blvd and Julian C. Smith Rd (aka River Road). For a map please click the link "New Joins".

Billet Phone Number
Battalion Officer of the Day 910-451-3316
Battalion Commanding Officer 910-451-9699
Battalion Executive Officer 910-451-9698
Battalion Sergeant Major 910-451-9697
Battalion S-1, Adjutant 910-451-5321
Battalion S-1, Admin Chief 910-451-9751
Battalion S-3, Operations Officer 910-451-0925
Battalion S-3, Operations Chief 910-451-6958
Battalion S-3, Asst Operations Officer 910-450-7189
Battalion S-3, Training/CBRN Officer 910-450-7187
Battalion S-4, Logistics Officer 910-451-9758
Battalion S-4, Logistics Chief 910-451-5305
Battalion S-4, UMCC 910-451-5995
Battalion S-4, Armory 910-451-3401
Battalion S-4, Supply Officer 910-451-4183
Battalion S-4, Supply Chief 910-451-5696
Battalion S-4, MMO 910-451-4244
Battalion S-5, Family Readiness Officer (FRO) 910-450-8335
Battalion S-5, Wounded Warrior Advocacy 910-450-7569
Battalion S-5, Limited Duty Coordinator 910-450-7569
Battalion S-5, Career Planner/Career Retention Specialist 910-451-2116
Battalion S-5, Safety Representative 910-450-6296
Battalion S-5, Deputy Family Readiness Officer (FRO) 910-450-8335
Battalion S-6, Communications Chief 910-450-6578
Battalion Aid Station (BAS) 910-450-8348
Battalion Surgeon 910-450-6768
Battalion Aid Station Chief 910-450-8352
Battalion Chaplain 910-450-8337
Headquarters Company Commanding Officer 910-450-8377
Headquarters Company Executive Officer 910-450-8378
Headquarters Company First Sergeant 910-450-8379
Communications Company Commanding Officer 910-451-6894
Communications Company Executive Officer 910-451-5959
Communications Company First Sergeant 910-451-5866
Communications Company Gunnery Sergeant 910-451-5853
Truck Company Commanding Officer 910-450-8342
Truck Company Executive Officer 910-450-8338
Truck Company First Sergeant 910-450-8341
Truck Company Gunnery Sergeant 910-450-6572
Band Officer in Charge (OIC) 910-451-1298
Band Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (SNCOIC) 910-451-5912
PCAO OIC 910-451-4467
PCAO Personnel Chief 910-451-8858
Wounded Warrior Advocate 910-450-6296