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Director, Division Combat Skills Center
Major Romeo P. Cubas
After commissioning and completion of Armor Officer Basic Course, Second Lieutenant Cubas reported to Second Tank Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC for duty as Third Platoon Commander, Bravo Company. In September 2001, First Lieutenant Cubas was assigned as the Executive Officer of Delta Company. In September 2002, he reported to Headquarters Battalion, Chief of Staff section, for service as Aide-de-Camp to the Assistant Division Commander/Acting Division Commander, Second Marine Division, Brigadier General Mastin M. Robeson. In February 2003, Captain Cubas deployed to Kuwait for service with Alpha Company, 8th Tank Battalion, as Third Platoon Commander. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to First Battalion, Second Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, Task Force Tarawa.

Upon Task Force Tarawa’s return, Captain Cubas participated in the Supplementary Military Occupational Specialty program and reported to Marine Combat Service Support Schools, Ground Supply Officer Course, Camp Lejeune, NC. After completion of the course in October 2003, Captain Cubas reported for duty to Weapons Training Battalion, Camp Lejeune, and served as Headquarters Company Commander, Logistics Officer, and Supply Officer. In September 2006, Captain Cubas returned to the armor community and attended the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course at Fort Knox, KY.

After graduating with honors in March 2007, Captain Cubas reported to Second Tank Battalion for duty as the Battalion Logistics Officer. In December 2007, Captain Cubas assumed command of Company A and deployed the company to Ft. Pickett, VA and Iraq. While deployed to Al Anbar and Ninewa provinces, Company A was attached to Regimental Combat Team 5 and 8, I and II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), from October 2008 to May 2009. Upon his return from deployment, Major Cubas reported to Marine Corps Systems Command, Program Manager M1A1 Tank Systems, for duties as M1A1 Projects Officer and Team Lead. After a three-year tour, Maj Cubas reported to Command and Staff College and completed the Masters in Military Studies program with distinction. In June 2013, he reported to Second Tank Battalion for duty as Battalion Executive Officer and in February 2014 was assigned as the Officer-in-Charge of US Marine Corps Forces South Security Cooperation Team 14.2 and Southern Partnership Station 2014 Marine Detachment, deploying to Central America, from May to October 2014. Upon his return, his was assigned to Headquarters Battalion, Second Marine Division, as the Director of the Division Combat Skills Center.