Like My New Whip?

7 Oct 2020 | Story by Cpl. Elijah Abernathy 2nd Marine Division

Ever since high school all Colby wanted was his very own fire truck. After years of work and saving he’s finally got it.
“I worked at a volunteer fire department back home in Texas,” said Hurd. “I’ve always loved the aesthetic of a fire truck so from the beginning it was a goal for me to have my own.”
Before the Marine Corps Hurd served at Gunter Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station in Gunter, Texas. While working there he thought the idea of owning his own fire truck would be neat so for the next two years he saved money and kept an eye out for one.
“I just wanted to buy it, so I bought it,” said Hurd
He eventually turned to the Marine Corps to challenge himself. Ten months into his life as a Marine the opportunity presented itself. He found a fire truck and he had the $2500 to buy it.
“I finally had enough to buy it,” he said.
Hurd immediately told his friends and family about the fire truck. At the barracks, his friends scoffed at the idea. But Hurd insisted they follow him to the parking lot to take a look.
“I really didn’t believe he bought it”, said Lance Cpl. Cameron Scott a LAV gunner with 2d LAR, 2d MarDiv “when he told me to come look at it and sure enough there was a bright red fire truck sitting in the parking lot. I was pretty surprised but I thought it was really cool.”
Although Hurd admits his original reason for buying the truck was because he “simply could,” he has since found another purpose for it that could benefit his community.
“My main goal now is to hopefully do some charity parades and other charity events like Toys’ for’ Tots,” said Hurd. I really just want to give back to the community in some form.”