Command and Control

22 Dec 2022 | Staff Sgt. Kimberlyn Patterson 2nd Marine Division

As the ground combat element of II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2d Marine Division, remains a force in readiness to support global operations.

“Everything we do is about warfighting and being prepared for combat,” said Maj. Gen. Calvert Worth Jr., who assumed command of 2d MARDIV in August this year. “As leaders, the best thing we can do is train our Marines and Sailors to be ready to go."

To finish training for 2022, the division was tested on command and control with a division-wide command post exercise.

“This exercise reaffirmed 2d Marine Division’s capability to command and control division-level ground combat operations which set conditions for future exercises and ensured the division's readiness to conduct expeditionary operations in support of II Marine Expeditionary Force campaign objectives and potential crisis response tasking,” said Maj. William Over, the division training and readiness officer with 2d MARDIV.

Gen. Worth’ initial guidance to the division reinforced the Marine Corps’ philosophy of continuous learning. One of his priorities – Always Ready – drives the division’s mission training plan and ensures Marines and Sailors within the division are prepared to respond to crisis and/or contingency.

Marines with 2d Marine Regiment, 2d MARDIV, recently completed their regimental field exercise. This exercise validated the regimental command and control structure while testing the readiness of the regiment.

“We, as leaders, have homework to continue to make these types of scenarios more challenging in the future,” explained Worth. “That's the only way we're going to get better."

In the next year, 2d MARDIV will continue to conduct exercises to test and enhance our combat readiness, ensuring deploying units are tactically competent, demonstrating an apex level of lethality, endurance and comprehensive warfighting ability.