2d Marine Division Concludes their 2023 Super Squad Competition

13 Apr 2023 | Cpl. Timothy Fowler 2nd Marine Division

U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, were awarded the Annual Rifle Squad Competition badge for winning 2d Marine Division’s Super Squad Competition, April 13, 2023. 2d Marine Division battalions competed in the Division Squad Competition to prove who among them was the most proficient and lethal squad.

1st Battalion, 8th Marines was not the only unit in 2d Marine Division to distinguish themselves in the Super Squad Competitions this year. U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 2d Marines also brought home a win while competing in 3rd Marine Division’s squad competition in Okinawa, Japan, while on their Unit Deployment Program in January 2023.

The Super Squad competition is an annual event that has become integral to the Marine Corps' training program. The competition is designed to enhance the Marines' readiness and effectiveness in combat situations while reinforcing the importance of teamwork and communication within the Marine Corps. Each year the Marine Corps Divisions host a Super Squad Competition in their respective area of operations.

The Annual Rifle Squad Competition badge awarded to each member of the winning squads represents the hard work, focus, determination, and technical and tactical proficiency that the squads have exemplified. Very few people are awarded the honor of wearing this badge.

“Winning the Super Squad Competition is something every infantry Marine strives to do,” said Staff Sgt. Edward Robertson, the squad leader of 1st Battalion, 2d Marine Regiment’s winning squad. “The amount of honor we were able to bring back to our unit after winning, especially while doing it under 3rd Marine Division, was amazing.”

The winning squads of every Division’s Super Squad Competition will compete against each other in the Marine Corps Squad Competition. Out of the three squads competing, two are from 2d Marine Division. Every unit that participated in the Super Squad Competition was proficient, but these two units stood out and could best apply their knowledge, physical and mental strength.