2nd MarDiv CG visits 3/2 Marines in Al Anbar ;

23 Mar 2005 | Lance Cpl. Lucian Friel

The commanding general of 2nd Marine Division visited the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment in the Al Anbar province where they are currently engaged in security and stabilization operations.Maj. Gen. Richard A. Huck received a tour of Camp Al Qa'im and Camp Gannon in Husaybah, where Marines of Company I are currently located.The tour was given by Lt. Col. Timothy S. Mundy, the commanding officer of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines.When Huck first arrived here, he was given an operations and intelligence brief by the leaders of the battalion.He was then shown the various facilities and operating stations that make up Camp Al Qa'im, along with the Marines' and sailors' living conditions.While on the tour he visited the dinning facility for breakfast with some of the Marines of the battalion. Lance Cpl. Sam R. Benge, an intelligence specialist, was one of those Marines."It was a very casual meeting. The general started out by asking everyone where they were from, how things were here and if we needed anything," explained the Clay County, Ky., native.After he spoke to the sergeants and below, he talked about future missions and goals of the command, mainly training the Iraqi Security Forces."He told us to keep up the good work and if we needed anything to send it up the chain of command to him. He made everyone feel real comfortable. He talked about future plans and informed us about what was happening around the rest of the country," Benge said.The tour then continued to Camp Gannon in Husaybah, 20 miles north of Al Qa'im, where the Marines of Company I currently reside.Huck received a tour of the entire base and talked to the Marines there as well."It was definitely a morale booster to see him come up here and see how we're doing, especially him coming out to Husaybah to see India Co. It lets you know that he really cares about you. Everyone here was happy to see him and excited he was here," Benge explained.