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2nd Marine Division

Photo by Lance Cpl. Paul Robbins Jr.

Asst. Commandant visits 3/4

22 Jun 2005 | Lance Cpl. Paul Robbins Jr.

General William L. Nyland, assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, visited here, June 23, during his tour of the country. More than 70 Marines with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines, Regimental Combat Team-8, crowded into the camp’s chow hall for a short speech from the general. Nyland took this opportunity to do what he deems is his most important task in Iraq. “The most important thing I came over here for is to say thank you,” said the general during the meeting. “Thank you for being Marines, for serving so proudly and for doing what you’re doing.” Nyland spoke of his fondness for the Marines currently serving, and his confidence for the Corps’ future. The general claimed his upcoming retirement will be easier knowing the character and strength of today’s Marines. “I will be taking off this uniform soon,” he said, “but I’ll do it with a smile, because I know the Marine Corps is in great hands.” After his short speech, Nyland opened the floor to questions from the Marines in attendance. Few Marines had questions, but popular concerns amongst the crowd, such as recruiting numbers and deployment schedules, were addressed. “I didn’t know what to ask,” said Cpl. Brian C. Gilmore, a 24-year-old maintenance management chief for the battalion. “But it was definitely good to get some answers from someone higher up.” Nyland spent approximately one hour aboard the camp, speaking with the staff and Marines of the battalion before departing for his next stop. Though it was short, the visit had a positive impact on the Marines of the battalion. “We just go day to day, getting our job done,” said Gilmore, a native of Bethany, Conn. “To have someone come out and say thanks, that’s a big thing.”