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Hit, Al Anbar, Iraq (August 3, 2005)--Bemus Point, N.Y., native, Cpl. Eric R. Hamilton, a 24-year-old fire team leader with Company "I", 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment provide security as his squad enters a building. (Official USMC Photo by Corporal Ken Melton)

Photo by Cpl. Ken Melton

Company I on the front lines in Hit

3 Aug 2005 | Cpl. Ken Melton

As the temperature continues to rise, Marines like Cpl. Eric R. Hamilton with Company I, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment continue on their daily missions and they could not be happier.

Hamilton, a fire team leader with 3rd platoon, along with other Marines have recently took over operations in one of the bases in Hit making it the first time their company has been apart of major operation since their deployment last spring.

“We are really glad to be here with the rest of our brothers,” the 24-year-old Bemus Point, N.Y., native said. “We have been waiting to showcase our training since we got in country and now that we have this chance we are going to shine.”
Hamilton and his company were providing security for Al Asad and taking part in smaller missions surrounding the base prior to moving up to Hit.

At first, they were unhappy about not being on the frontlines with their battalion, but they realized that their support mission was still playing a major role, in the success of continuing operations.

During June, some of their Marines left for Company L as combat replacements to fill billets left vacant by Marines injured or killed. The rest of the company would soon follow in July to be part of a permanent presence in the city of Hit.
“As soon as we got here we were ready to go on patrols,” the 2004 Buffalo State graduate said. “We were anxious to get here and ready to work.

“We already accomplished a great mission by securing Al Asad. Now we are assigned to keep this city secure and we know we can do it.”

Hamilton believes that he and his fellow Marines are doing a good job adapting to the new surroundings and missions they perform. Today, he led his squad on a presence patrol through hostile areas of the city.

Even with the constant patrolling and providing 24-hour security for their base, these Marines appear unshakeable and confident in their abilities to complete the task set before them.

“We are doing an outstanding job and these Marines are happy to be doing their part on a large scale such as this,” the 1999 Maple Grove High School graduate. “We know we are fresh and eager and that will play a major part as we complete this mission like we have every other.”