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Staff Sgt. Sharrief Serra, machine gun section leader, A Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, examines Muslim religious items donated to the Religious Education Center by Lance Cpl. Shane Trimbur and his wife, Nisa Al-Sheikh. Trimbur and his wife decided to donate the Qurans and pamphlets after they realized there were not enough of either to serve the needs of the base Muslim population.

Photo by Sgt. Stephen M. DeBoard

Marine family gives helping hand to Islamic services

18 Oct 2005 | Sgt. Stephen M. DeBoard

Islamic religious services here received a boost in support recently when a Marine family donated funds to facilitate the purchase of carpeting, Islamic holy books and pamphlets used in community outreach.

Lance Cpl. Shane Trimbur, a data communications specialist with 6th Marine Regiment, and his wife, Nisa Al-Sheikh, made the donation after attending services held by Staff Sgt. Sharreif Serra, Muslim lay leader for Camp Lejeune.

Al-Sheikh, whose family hails from Saudi Arabia, said when she and her husband went into the Religious Education Center in Tarawa Terrace II housing complex to pray, there was practically nothing there to distinguish that Muslim services are held there.

She contacted her father, a prominent Muslim in the Dallas area, who also agreed to help.

“We believe in our culture, if we have the means to help anyone, not just Muslims, we should,” she said.

Serra, a machine gun section leader, A Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, said the donation has been a big help.

“[The Trimburs and Al-Sheikhs] gave us the money for carpets, Qurans and other religious materials,” said Serra.

For a small Muslim population such as the one here, even the smallest of contributions make a large impact. Serra said the donation will help the mosque, housed in a small room within the Religious Education Center, with its community outreach to educate the local population about Islam.

“Islam is about getting to know each other, living a humble life and showing that we are a peaceful people,” said Serra.