Fort Worth, Texas native rules road in Iraq

25 Jan 2006 | Pfc. Christopher J. Ohmen

When Marines from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment head out into their area of operation, they are transported in armored personnel carriers by Marines who have volunteered to drive them.

Sergeant Daniel W. Robnett, a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement driver with 2nd Platoon, Company F volunteered for the seven-month deployment to Iraq.

“I saw what the television media was showing about the war in Iraq, and I decided that it was my turn to do my part,” stated the Plano, Texas native, whose reserve unit is in Fort Worth, Texas

Originally from 14th Marine Regiment, a reserve artillery battalion, Robnett decided he wanted to help the people of Iraq in their fight for a democratic nation.  He went through the MTVR course at his parent unit and then headed to Company F which is stationed out of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.  The MTVR is a multi-purpose six-wheeled vehicle used to transport troops and supplies around the combat zone.

Coming from an artillery unit with only Marine Corps Recruit Training and Marine Combat Training to work with, the 2000 Plano Senior High School graduate had numerous questions.  The Marines of 2nd Platoon were more than willing to share their knowledge with their new brother in arms.

“The Marines from the platoon took me in and gave me the information I needed to succeed during this deployment to Iraq,” Robnett said.

For most of the deployment he was stationed at Camp Delta were there were numerous small arms engagements and improvised explosive device attacks in the vicinity. 

He and the Marines of Company F also had a big influence with standing up the Iraqi Army there that will be taking control of Karmah in a short time.  He thinks they have made vast improvements since they first started working with them.

“They were pretty rough around the edges when we first got here, but now they are taking over their own battle space which is a big step to being able to run their own country,” Robnett stated.

Having completed the first part of Officer Candidates School in the summer of 2003 as part of the Platoon Leaders Course, Robnett plans to complete the second half this summer.  Before he can do that, he will also have to finish up the last semester of his bachelors in business finance at the University of North Texas.

Upon receiving his commission, he hopes to go to an infantry company and wants to come back to Iraq to help complete the transition of this country to an independent nation.

“I am glad that we are going home soon, but I like the fact that I can see what we have accomplished while in Iraq,” Robnett stated.