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MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (April 24, 2006)- Maj. Shaun Fitzpatrick holds the display dedicated to 8th Marine Regiment, which holds the flag flown on a NASA space shuttle over Camp Fallujah, Iraq. The shuttle flew over while Regimental Combat Team-8 was stationed there. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos (RELEASED)

Photo by Cpl. Athanasios Genos

Marine Corps Flag flown in space

24 Apr 2006 | Cpl. Athanasios Genos 2nd Marine Division

Marines from Headquarters Company gathered for a flag dedication here April 24 as NASA dedicated a small Marine Corps flag flown in space to the 8th Marine Regiment.

The flag was flown on a space shuttle that flew over Camp Fallujah, Iraq, last year when Regimental Combat Team-8 was occupying the camp.  The Marines there also flew an American Flag over the camp and presented it to NASA.

“The Marines who work for NASA, even before they knew we were going to fly a flag for them, placed a small Marine Corps flag on the space shuttle to dedicate it to the Marines of RCT-8 when they flew over Camp Fallujah,” explained Maj. Shaun Fitzpatrick, 8th Marine Regiment’s information officer.

The Marines from Headquarters Company were all gathered in a formation as the regiment’s commanding officer, Col. David Berger, who was in command when the shuttle landed, accepted the gift from NASA.  Additionally, 8th Marine Regiment’s former commander, Col. Charles M. Gurganus, who was in command when the shuttle launched, was there to participate in the ceremony.

“This flag is not for just me or Col. Gurganus, it is for all of you, for RCT-8,” Berger explained. 

The flag display is going to be put where all the Marines will be able to view it and see what NASA did for them. 

“This flag will be put up somewhere around here, possibly in the barracks somewhere, where you will be able to see it all the time,” Berger stated.  “NASA made a big deal about all of this because it is a big deal, it’s for you and all that everyone did over there.”