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After the meeting, members of the Family Team Building group talked with all the individuals who attended the quarterly gathering. Everyone mingled while enjoying refreshments at the Terry Ball Center here. Photo by Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos

Photo by Cpl. A.L. Genos

If families aren't ready; Marines aren't ready

27 Oct 2006 | Cpl. A.L. Genos

Marine spouses with the Key Volunteer Network and the Marines who make up the majority of the Family Readiness Program of the 2nd Marine Division and sub unit commands gathered together at the Terry Ball Center here for a quarterly meeting, Oct. 25.

The meeting was held in order for the division Commanding General and Sergeant Major, Maj. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin and Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia and members of the Family Team Building group to address everyone on the upcoming deployment to Iraq and other services provided to the families.

“Your spouses of the key volunteer network are volunteering 24 hours every day, and there will be calls at ungodly times,” explained Dora Gaskin, the 2nd Marine Division Key Volunteer Advisor, about the women in the network.

Gaskin started off the meeting by explaining his four points of importance concerning the Family Readiness Program.  He spoke on items including; this is a commander’s program, what the Marines owe to the KV network, the single Marines and their families, and the importance of the having the right Marines as the Family Readiness Officer and Staff Noncommissioned Officer. 

“Commanders have to be in on what happens to make sure that everybody is prepared in a family readiness way and for the deployment of the Marines and sailors,” explained Gaskin.  “If it doesn’t hurt to leave your FRSNO behind, that’s the wrong person because that person is going to be going out on your part.”

Following Gaskin’s comments, Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia spoke for a few brief moments ensuring the best use of the program possible in the future.  He was followed by Mrs. Kim Holmes, the director of Marine Corps Family Team Building. 

Holmes introduced all of her colleagues and their role in making the Family Readiness Program a key part of the 2nd Marine Division’s lifestyle.  The majority of the members are either spouses of Marines or prior Marines.  Holmes’ crew offers many different types of services to the families of the division as well as all families aboard the base. 

This team of workers provides services such as; deployment support, Exceptional Family Member Program, New Parent Support Program, Chaplains Religious Education Development Operation, Lifestyle Insight Networking Knowledge Skills Program, and Child, Youth and Team Division. 

“The Marines are our families,” explained Holmes. “We prepare single and married Marines before deployments, during deployments and help them re-integrate after deployments.”

The importance of the families being informed, along with the constant communication, is all part of a Marine Corps family lifestyle among the Marines of 2nd Marine Division.

“The main thing here is to take care of our Marines and sailors,” Gaskin explained.  “The one thing unique about our Corps is we truly take care of our own, and that is non-negotiable for us.”

To contact the Family Team Building members, call (910) 451-0176.