Marine gains discipline needed for the future

27 Oct 2004 | Pfc. Terrell A. Turner

No matter if a Marine stays in the Corps four years or 20, each Marine still carries within themselves defining characteristics they can use their whole life. 

For Lance Cpl. Gavin J. Johnson of Columbus, Ga., some of the defining traits are patience, discipline and the ability to set a goal, and reach it.

Johnson works as an administrative clerk for 2d Marine Division Personnel Classification and Assignment Office, where he enters information for a Marines changing from one unit to another into the Unit Diary/ Marine Integrated Personnel system. 

“Its long, repetitive day of sitting behind a computer screen, processing information into a computer,” Johnson said with his usual smile.  “Sometimes you’re entering the same information over and over again.  You gain a lot of patience and discipline.” 

Discipline and patience comes easy to Johnson, who composes, writes and produces music in his free time.  Soon, he plans to turn what he does in his free time into a career.

“I get out of the Marine Corps at the end of this year,” Johnson explained.  “I’m going to attend Full Sail Entertainment College, which has been a goal of mine for years.  There are only two; one in London and one in Winter Park, Orlando, Fla., where I’m going.  The staff non-commissioned officers here at PC and AO have helped me focus on education and many other goals.”

While attending Full Sail, the 22-year-old will be reaching for his associate’s degree in recording arts and his bachelor’s degree in the business of music.  Johnson’s deep brown eyes reflect a zest for knowledge and a need to stay active.

Johnson attended Hardaway High School from 1997 through 2000 where he played for the football team.  Shortly after joining, a shoulder injury benched him and he turned to Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and drill team to keep him active.

The JROTC and drill team motivated Johnson to join the Marine Corps.  Now as he approaches the end of his four-year term he reflects on skills he learned through the Marine Corps.

“The Marine Corps set in motion the discipline that I will need for the future,” Johnson explains confidently.  “I use the time management and goal setting skills I gained and apply them to my music.”