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AR RAMADI, Iraq (April 8, 2005) - Lance Cpl. Micheal D. O'Rielly, a 22-year-old rifleman with 1st Squad, 4th Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, looks to his left down a street in the marketplace here for someone who might have just detonated the improvised explosive device a block away. The deafening blast sent a mushroom cloud of smoke into the air. Another IED went off in the area minutes later. No one was hurt. Marines with 4th Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines patrolled the marketplace in an effort to familiarize themselves with their area of operations and determine how the local Iraqis feel about their presence in the area. The Marines also handed out positive and anti-insurgent propaganda to the Iraqis and searched for insurgents and things out of the ordinary during the two-hour operation. Photo by Cpl. Tom Sloan

Photo by Cpl. Tom Sloan

1/5’s Alpha encounters IED at markets

8 Apr 2005 | Cpl. Tom Sloan

Two improvised explosive devices detonated close to the city’s market place here Friday evening while Marines where conducting a patrol there. No one was injured from the blasts.“It got a bit shaky when the two IEDs hit,” said Sgt. Brian S. Foster, a squad leader with 4th Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, at the patrol’s end. “The pace picked up after that”, added the 27-year-old from Virginia Beach, Va.The 1997 Kempsville High School graduate’s squad, and the rest of Company A’s 4th Platoon patrolled the marketplace handing out leaflets and searched for insurgents during the two-hour operation.Lance Cpl. Micheal D. O’Rielly, a 22-year-old rifleman was in the rear of his squad’s formation providing security for his fellow warriors when an IED went off a block away. The deafening blast sent a cloud of gray smoke into the air. Another IED went off less than a minute later.“I was saying in my head, ‘get cover,’” recalled O’Rielly of Moab, Utah. “I looked around to make sure the other Marines were alright. Thank God it didn’t hit us.” First Squad’s team leader, Lance Cpl. John D. Badon, a 22-year-old from Lufkin, Texas, and his fellow Marines immediately went into action setting up positions in the area. Despite the close calls from the two IED detonations, Foster said the patrol went well. “They did the things we talk about and go over in the before mission brief; they did well today.”“The local citizens acted well with us,” he said. “They seemed happy to have us there because they know we mean them no harm and are trying to make it safer for them; the kids were waving and smiling at us, which is always a good sign.”