ISF soldiers get Rules of Engagement training at Camp Ripper;

25 Sep 2005 | Cpl. Ken Melton

The reconnaissance company of the 7th Iraqi Battalion recently received a rules of engagement class from Maj. Michael E. Sayegh in the effort to provide security and stability to their country.

“They were very attentive and inquisitive during the period of instruction,” said Sayegh, Regimental Combat Team-2’s judge advocate. Sayegh’s job consists of providing legal guidance for the commanding officer in regards to operational law, rules of engagement, the use of force, war crime investigations and detention operations.

Because of his expertise, Sayegh was tasked with providing Iraqi Security Force soldiers with a rules of engagement class that was comprehensive and easily understood.

“My Marine, the translator, and myself conducted the sustainment training,” said the 1994 Seton Hall University graduate. “We handed out laminated rules of engagement cards in Arabic and explained everything as we would to our own Marines.

“We covered rules governing the use of deadly force, proper handling of detainees and to overall maintain their dignity by removing themselves from potentially dangerous positions.”

The materials provided by 2nd Marine Division for Sayegh and his Marines at RCT-2 were converted into material that the Iraqi soldiers could easily and quickly understand.

“We wanted the Iraqis to be able to understand the use of deadly force in accordance to the Laws of War,” said the Jacksonville, N.C., native. “By the end of the class, they all understood what was presented to them and they will apply it if the next mission calls for it.”