Marines deliver fuel to Iraqi hospital

16 Mar 2007 | Lance Cpl. Randall Little

Marines with Regimental Combat Team 6 delivered much-needed fuel to an Iraqi-run hospital in Fallujah, Iraq, March 16.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Evans, the convoy commander for Security Platoon, Headquarters Company, RCT-6, and his Marines escorted three fuel tankers to the Jordanian Field Hospital.

The area isn’t booming with insurgent activity as much as it was a few years ago, said Evans, the 33-year-old Dover, Del., native.

“Even though the area is relatively calm, we needed to provide security for the fuel tankers,” explained Evans. “Fuel tankers are considered a high-priority target for insurgents to attack because of the cargo they carry. Our job was to make sure (they) stayed safe during transit.”

The hospital’s fuel supply, which was almost depleted, needed to be replenished soon. It was imperative the fuel trucks made it to the hospital within the next few days; otherwise the facility would be unable to treat the Iraqis coming for medical care.

“Our job was to provide a time window for the fuel trucks to arrive at the hospital,” Evans said. “We had two days to get the fuel to the hospital.”

Their job was to set-up security points around the hospital ensuring anyone with hostile motives couldn’t get near the fuel.

“Our trucks set up security for the tankers as they made their way to and from the hospital and dropped the cargo,” Evans explained. “Our job doesn’t end until everyone returns to Camp Fallujah.”

As the security vehicles set-up into their positions, the tankers weaved through the narrow entrance to the hospital to drop their loads of fuel.

“The main goal was to help the Iraqi people in the area by bringing the fuel trucks to the hospital,” Evans said. “Providing security for supplies like fuel is a small but significant part to play.”

The Jordanian Field Hospital is a major hub in the area for the Iraqi people to come to for medical attention. It is also one of the few in Fallujah, so bringing more fuel to the hospital was a significant mission, Evans explained.

The fuel was delivered to the hospital safely as scheduled. The hospital could continue to run proficiently, helping the injured or sick Iraqi people that would come seeking medical attention. The Marines allowed the fuel to be supplied safely, showing how dedicate they are to supporting the Iraqi people in the Marines area of operations.

“During this operation, Coalition Forces provided critical infrastructure support to the Iraqis,” said 2nd Lt. Christopher T. Rogers, a current operations officer with RCT-6. “The regiment is dedicated to supporting and developing the crucial self-sustainment initiatives of the Iraqi people.”