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2nd Marine Division

Photo by Lance Cpl. Brian L. Lewis

Marines take moment to reenlist in Iraq

25 Jul 2007 | Lance Cpl. Brian L. Lewis 2nd Marine Division

Marines with 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, were recently visited here by their monitors from Headquarters of Marine Corps.

The purpose of the trip was to talk one-on-one with as many Marines as possible and share the benefits of reenlisting with them.
The trip came as RCT-2 launched Operation Mawtini.

"We came here to retain the careers of as many Marines as possible, although our focus is mainly on those still in their first enlistment,” said Lt. Col. Kevin M. Schmiegel, the head of the retention team.

The Marines were able to speak freely for two days with their monitors about many aspects of the reenlistment that can be used as incentives to stay in.

“I spoke with them about training reserve units and being in their deploying numbers when they deploy,” said Cpl. Daniel J. Lush, an infantryman with the battalion. “I wanted to get a duty station that was closer to my family and fiancé.”

For many of the Marines, speaking with their monitors made them aware of the wide range of incentives available to them if they reenlist.

“We try and make them aware of the financial bonuses, change of duty stations and much more,” said Schmiegel. “There are many more benefits they can receive they are not even aware of before they get to us.”

Lush, as well as many others, were quickly given the results they wanted as the monitors worked diligently to provide new duty stations and job choices, for them.

“I told them where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, and it was swiftly put on my list in my package,” said Lush. “I found a base in Ohio close to my family, where I could be doing the job I wanted.”

With the deployment on its last leg, 34 Marines were accepted to reenlist and continue serving their country during those two days. With their first enlistment complete, they have answered the call of duty once more and have exemplified the phrase, “Stay Marine.”