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First Sgt. Edward Zapata, the first sergeant for Company B, 1st Tank Battalion, and guest speaker for the Regimental Combat Team 8 Corporals Leadership Course, hosted by Company A, 2nd Tank Battalion, speaks to the graduating Marines at the Memorial Chapel, Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, April 18, 2009. The two-week course consisted of sword and drill manual, Marine Corps history, customs and courtesies, leadership, a physical fitness test and a combat fitness test.::r::::n::“I’m real proud of these Marines,” said Sgt. Jeff McCarty, a graduation observer and section leader with Mobile Security Detachment, Headquarters Company, RCT-8. “They’re the Corps’ future leaders.” ::r::::n::For more information on the ongoing mission in Iraq’s Al Anbar province, visit

Photo by Sgt. Eric C. Schwartz

RCT-8 Marines graduate Corporals Course

19 Apr 2009 | Sgt. Eric C. Schwartz 2nd Marine Division