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Master Gunnery Sgt. Lorenzo Jones Sr., the communications chief with 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, retired and relinquished responsibilities as communications chief July 13. Jones received an American flag a part of his retirement ceremony. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Phillip R. Clark)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Phillip R. Clark

29-Year veteran retires, will be sorely missed

16 Jul 2012 | Lance Cpl. Phillip R. Clark

Master Gunnery Sgt. Lorenzo Jones Sr., the  communications chief with 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, retired and relinquished his responsibilities July 13 at the Marston Pavilion aboard Camp Lejeune.

Jones made a positive impact on those around him during his 29 years, serving as a mentor and role model for many he served with.

 “If I ever had a question about something Jones knew the answer,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Frank Buchanan, the communications chief with Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. “I’m going to miss him, because he was always a mentor for me and called me his little brother.”

Buchanan mentioned how Jones was always there for his Marines, regardless of rank, from the most junior all the way up to senior staff noncommissioned officers.

“No matter the situation, if you walked into his office he would talk to you on your level like a lance corporal talking to another lance corporal,” said Buchanan. “The respect would be there, but he wouldn’t talk to his Marines like a master guns -- he got on the same level.”

During the ceremony, Col. William M. Jurney, the commanding officer of 2nd Marine Regiment, took the opportunity to speak about his experiences serving with Jones.

“He was always a hard-working Marine and I know this unit is heartbroken seeing him leave,” said Jurney. “He was always a professional noncommissioned officer all the way up to staff non-commissioned officer,” said Jurney.

 Jurney also poked fun at Jones during his remarks, drawing laughter from Jones’ family.

“(He) can be very direct in his efforts at times, and overly stubborn,” said Jurney as the crowd laughed. “As the motto goes, semper fidelis master guns; you will be missed.”

As he got up to talk to the crowd in front of him, a thankful Jones mentioned those who  had always been there for him in his career as a Marine, and with tears in his eyes  he thanked those closest to him including his wife and three children.  Finally, Jones expressed gratitude to the Marines for giving him the ceremony and said a final goodbye.

 “This is my family and I will greatly miss them from the bottom of my heart,” said Jones.