One with the Enemy: ADFOR Co. Modernizes Training
11 Feb 2020

U.S. MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.—How can you prepare to fight the enemy? Adversary Force Company (ADFOR Co.), 2nd Marine Division (2d MarDiv), answers that by taking on the role of the enemy during training.

ADFOR Co., formerly Division Combat Skills Company (DCSC), is a collective of Marines from a spectrum of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). The company uses various tactics and wears different uniforms to create realistic scenarios for units conducting training.

“Adversary Force Company is a company designed out of the former Division Combat Skills Company to provide a peer-to-peer threat force that is hybrid in nature,” said Maj. Douglas Woodcock, the commanding officer of ADFOR Co., “We cover everything from uniformed military threats to non-state threats to provide a wide-range force to move against 2d Marine Division units as they prepare for combat.”

To learn the tactics that will be used in ADFOR Co., the Marines attend the Adversary Force Academy and study the different tactics they will utilize.

“It’s about a week-long process with platform classes,” said Lance Cpl. Jason Cox, a rifleman with ADFOR Co. “Then we are taken to the field to test-out on courses and the curriculum we went through at the academy.”

Several weapons systems are introduced to the Marines during the courses at the academy. They train to operate weapons such as AK-47s and PK machine guns to create realistic scenarios for the units participating in training with ADFOR Co.

ADFOR Co. uses a variety of weapons and uniforms as an attempt to put Marines in a combat mindset, explained Woodcock. The company’s diversity is a reflection of how Marines can quickly adapt.

“It’s great to have the capability to move from someone in a uniform using familiar tactics and weapon elements,” said Woodcock, “to something such as a criminal element that may be walking around the battlespace with a knife or pistol, or being able to use and leverage the local populous against the Marines as they conduct their training.”

Marines with ADFOR Co. aim to help units become stronger fighting forces.

“Why wouldn’t anyone want to join Adversary Force Company?” asked Cox. “We’re out here for the greater good of the Marine Corps. It’s an opportunity to help the future Marines.”

ADFOR Co. is an option for Marines who are non-deployable or transitioning out of their MOS. The company provides an opportunity for Marines who meet the requirements to expand upon tactics and types of warfare.

“I’ve been with multiple commands,” said Cpl. William Kopp, a rifleman with ADFOR Co., “and this has been the most freeing unit that has taken my skillsets and implemented them to their fullest. It has made me a better Marine.”