2d Recon and Norwegian Military Conduct Bi-lateral Training on Camp Lejeune
5 Nov 2020

U.S. Marines with 2d Reconnaissance Battalion (2d Recon), 2d Marine Division (2d MARDIV) conducted bi-lateral, live-fire Tactical Air Control Party Training (TACP) alongside Norwegian Forsvaret (Armed Forces) Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) from October 27-29, 2020 on Camp Lejeune.


The TACP training helped enhance interoperability and reinforce the already strong relationship between the U.S. Marines and our long-standing Norwegian allies. This event is a part of a continuous series of training events between 2d Recon and the Norwegian Long-Range Reconnaissance Squadron.


“For this engagement, we brought over Norwegian partners to integrate with our Force Reconnaissance Teams during one of MARSOC’s (Marine Corps Special Operations Command) certification exercises, followed by TTP (tactics, techniques, and procedures) sharing, and the TACP training for their JTACs,” stated Major Justin Lenio, Force Reconnaissance Company commander, 2d Recon. “The opportunity for our teams to work together is critical for MCO (major combat operations) readiness and our ability to operate successfully in like environments.  The TACP range compliments this by enhancing each unit’s proficiency in battlespace shaping.”


This specific training event presented unique opportunities for both 2d Recon Marines and the Norwegian Long-Range Reconnaissance Squadron, specifically in regards to North Carolina’s terrain and integration with Marine TACP teams and 2d Marine Aircraft Wing.


“This week’s training is significant because the Norwegian JTACs under instruction were able to complete their designation syllabus, which included both day and night CAS (close-air support) missions.  Being able to conduct training during both day and night in a single event is unique for the Norwegians who routinely challenged by the seasonal effects of  extended daylight or night time hours that come with living north of the Arctic Circle,” explained Captain Kevin Roth, air officer for Force Reconnaissance Company, 2d Recon. He continued to state, “The next major benefit of this training was that Norwegian JTACs were able to control and train with both Marine Corps TACP and aircrew, working side by side from pre-mission planning all the way through to sortie debriefs.”


The Norwegian JTACs had the opportunity to coordinate with, and call in live airstrikes from aircraft with 2d Marine Aircraft Wing, which included the UH-1Y “Huey” helicopter, AH-1Z Cobra helicopter, and AV-8B Harrier jet.


High-resolution imagery is available for download at the 2d Marine Division DVIDS page, https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/2MARDIV. For more information on this exercise, please contact 1st Lt. Dan Linfante at (910)451-2030, (910)545-9681, or daniel.linfante@usmc.mil.




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