2d Marine Division Marines and Sailors Deploy to Memphis, Tennessee in Support of Memphis COVID-19 Community Vaccination Center
2 Apr 2021

In partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and state and local agencies, Marines and Sailors with the 2d Marine Division (2d MARDIV), II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) will deploy to support a city-run, federally-supported community vaccination center (CVC) located at the Pipkin building at the Memphis Fairgrounds in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Approximately 130 Navy and Marine Corps personnel, from 2d MARDIV are scheduled to arrive in Memphis, Tennessee to assist with the opening of the CVC on 7 April 2021, which will be the second COVID-19 Vaccination Team (CVT) from II MEF to deploy to assist with vaccination efforts at the request of FEMA. 

“Our Navy-Marine Corps team is honored to be part of the whole-of-government response in supporting the American public,” said Lt. Col. Bethany S. Peterson, commanding officer of the 2d MARDIV CVT. “Our Marines and Sailors are working hand-in-hand with local, state, and federal partners to serve the people of this great city and fight the pandemic.”

According to FEMA, the unit will be classified as a “Type 2” team, a unit capable of administering up to 3,000 vaccinations per day. This deployment will accelerate vaccinations and provide rapid assistance to communities in need.

“Serving my country and the American people is one of the reasons why I became a United States Marine, and I know that the Marines and Sailors on this team would echo that sentiment,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Justin J. Carr, senior staff noncommissioned officer of the 2d MARDIV CVT. “This mission gives us the unique opportunity to directly impact the lives of the citizens that we have sworn to protect.”

For more information about this team and other community vaccination centers, please refer to the FEMA Community Vaccination Centers playbook which can be found at https://www.fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/vaccine-support/vaccine-center. \

For more information please contact 1st. Lt. Sydney Murkins at sydney.murkins@usmc.mil 


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