Marines Conduct First Littoral Exercise in Support of Force Design 2030
24 Jan 2022

U.S. Marines and Sailors from the 2d Marine Division (2d MARDIV), with significant support from across II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF), began the first iteration of a series of Littoral Exercises along the East Coast of the United States today.

Per the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ (CMC) guidance, 2d MARDIV and II MEF are operationalizing a role for Marine Corps forces in critical future scenarios through experimentation that enable naval and joint force commanders with dedicated multi-domain reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance (RXR) forces.

Through this series of Littoral Exercises, 2d MARDIV will continue the experimentation already underway, testing RXR concepts in support of future force design, in order to provide the Navy and joint forces the ability to discourage an adversary’s coercive behavior in key maritime terrain. These concepts and forces will be exportable to any clime and place to support U.S. interests.

During Littoral Exercise 1 (LEX 1), forces from 2d MARDIV, in partnership with the Navy and Coast Guard will be conducting limited operational preparation of the environment from, and within, littoral areas along the East Coast. These areas will mimic other littoral environments around the world. They will conduct experimentation and training with an RXR team, practicing the ability to discourage a notional adversary’s coercive behavior.

LEX 1 will include formations that are modeled by the CMC’s Concept for Stand-in Forces (SIF) and iterative experimentation and training in order to generate new capabilities and novel ways of operating.

This training reflects a shift in how the Marine Corps envisions its contribution toward fighting future adversaries in accordance with Force Design 2030. Integrated operating concepts, capabilities and doctrine will ensure that Marines will not be excluded from any region and prove that we are a naval expeditionary force, capable of deterring malign behavior and, when necessary, fighting inside our adversary’s engagement zone to support a Fleet Commander anywhere in the world.

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2ndLt Mark Grill

2nd Marine Division

Engagements Officer - Communication & Strategy Operations