50-Mile Challenge Preparation Package
Force Fitness Instructor Trainer
MGySgt. Melvin L. Venable
2D Marine Division G-4

It is important for everyone participating in the 50-Mile Challenge to understand that in order to succeed, it is critical to undertake a training program in advance of the hike. While it is possible to complete 50 miles without training, doing so incurs an increased risk of injury, or renders the body ineffective for a week or more. Ultimately, the best way to train for long distance hikes is to; of course go for long distance hikes. No other activity is a perfect substitute for the physical, mental, and logistical aspects of long distance hiking.

Nutrition is a key enabler for successful training. Properly planned and executed good feeding practices will enhance performance and morale as well as significantly contribute to completing the 50-Mile Challenge. The overall goal of training is to optimize physiological adaptations. You can meet your training goals through appropriate nutritional strategies implemented before, during, and after training. Various strategies can be developed to maintain adequate energy stores, enhance recovery, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, maximize glycogen repletion, and minimize/protect against training injuries. Nutrient timing, combined with adequate rest and recovery periods, are important components to any training program. However, another consideration for optimal performance is familiarity: foods and fluids consumed before and during exercise should be consistent with those used in training to minimize the risk for an upset stomach from unfamiliar foods.

In efforts to prevent injury, the following is a well-designed, balanced, and progressive training program that will help eliminate muscle imbalances, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and increase muscle strength and endurance. Adherence to this training will also address flexibility and mobility issues and when combined with proper nutrition will aid in recovery, regeneration and injury prevention.

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