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The memorial for Lance Cpl. Sergio Escobar, who died Oct. 8 while on Patrol through Ar Ramadi, Iraq. He was an infantryman assigned to Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. Photo by Cpl. Shane Suzuki

Photo by Cpl. Shane Suzuki

3/7 honors fallen Marine

12 Oct 2005 | Cpl. Shane Suzuki

A memorial service for a Marine killed in action Oct. 8 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom was held at the Camp Ramadi chow hall Oct. 12. Lance Cpl. Sergio Escobar, an infantryman from Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, was killed while on patrol through Ar Ramadi. “He was a hero who gave his life for the freedom of others, both here and at home,” said Capt. Twayne Hickman, commanding officer for Company I. “Lance Cpl. Escobar was no stranger to challenges. Before he joined the Marine Corps, he made a decision to set an example for his brother and sister. He joined the Marine Corps Sept. 11, 2004. There was no doubt in his mind what kind of fight he would be in as a member of the Marine Corps infantry.” As a Marine Corps infantryman, Escobar found himself in Ar Ramadi, the provincial capital and one of the most symbolic cities in Iraq. While on patrols, the Marines from the battalion, including Escobar, often interacted with the local population and showed them the meaning of honor, courage and commitment. Escobar’s sacrifice will be a reminder for the remaining Marines who continue their mission here. “Our challenge is to continue to uphold Lance Cpl. Escobar’s values,” said Hickman. “Even in the face of the hardships we are going to face.” “I’ve known Lance Cpl. Escobar since the first day of boot camp, and he turned into an outstanding Marine,” said Pfc. Figueroa. “He did what had to be done and took the position of leadership every time. I will never forget him and his smile. It was my honor to know him and to be his friend.” Escobar, who was born in Los Angeles, Dec. 31, 1986, joined the Marine Corps in September at the age of 18 to do “something worthwhile.” He is survived by his wife Sophia N. Conchas.