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Alpha Company Marines, Families, and Friends:

      Time flies when you are having fun or extremely busy and the time has been flying for the Marines of Company A over the past quarter for both of those reasons.  We have returned from ITX 1-16 having accomplished both of the goals that I set forth for them.  On day one of our arrival at ITX, I told the company that I will consider this training a success so long as we conduct all of the training safely and return to Camp Lejeune, NC more proficient as a company than when we left.  On these two fronts (as well as many others) the company succeeded with flying colors.  During the 20 day training schedule, Company A trained to standard on everything from combined arms breaching of an enemy obstacle belt (mines, ditches, berms) to the establishment of a Tactical Assembly Area in order to resupply the company in a hostile environment.  As the training continued, the Marines of this company became more and more aggressive and comfortable with the training environment presented at 29 Palms, CA.  When the dust had settled, Alpha Company, 2d Tank Bn had been the main effort in every company or battalion level operation throughout the entire iteration of ITX.  The Marines of Company A trained hard, wore themselves thin, and fought their tanks to accomplish their mission.  I am extremely proud of the men of this company and to be associated with the caliber of Marines that they are. 

On the horizon is a few company level field exercises in January, a battalion level exercise in February, and then more company level field exercises in March.  During all of these events we will continue to hone our skills and improve upon the high bar we set for ourselves while at ITX.

For those at home: We will continue to stay busy in the next coming months.  That being said, I promise whenever I can get your Marine back home to you I will do so!  Thank you as always for all of the support!  Semper Fi!


Alpha Company Marine of the Quarter: 2ndLt Chase A. Montambo

      The newest addition to the Alpha Company team is 2ndLt Chase A. Montambo.  Born and raised in the Norfolk, VA area, he spent his formative years playing soccer and being picked on by his older brother.  From his 7th grade to 10th grade years, he lived in Italy with his family where he fell in love with history.  After graduating high school in 2010, he attended VMI on an NROTC scholarship where he majored in history.  After completing all of the NROTC requirements for commissioning and graduating in 2014, he attended The Basic School where he was attained the MOS of 1802.  After a brief stint of On-The-Job training here in Alpha Company, he attended the Armor School at Ft. Benning, GA.  Lt Montambo is an avid soccer and hockey fan, however, he also enjoys cooking and reading trashy novels.  He has a bright future and we are happy to have him here in company.            


Congratulations to our Marine who were recently promoted:

LCpl Moscoso   LCpl Rodriguez   LCpl Seeley   Sgt Flint   Sgt Cressoine   MSgt Pittsley 



A Happy Birthday to:

             JANUARY                      FEBRUARY                MARCH

LCpl Slaton 3 Jan      

LCpl McPherson 3 Jan

Cpl Glon 10 Jan

LCpl Robledo 12 Jan

Cpl Gregalunas 14 Jan

Cpl Hale 14 Jan

Cpl Lewis 15 Jan

LCpl Linville 18 Jan

1stLt Smith 21 Jan

LCpl Ludwig 22 Jan

LCpl Kamara 23 Jan

Cpl Lee 29 Jan

Sgt Mateo 30 Jan


LCpl Deleon 1 Feb

LCpl Burck 4 Feb

LCpl Meadows 4 Feb

PFC Skelton 8 Feb

Sgt Rodriguez 9 Feb

SSgt McBride 10 Feb

Cpl Smith 11 Feb

Cpl Shaw 13 Feb

LCpl Johnston 18 Feb

Sgt Elliott 22 Feb

LCpl Ascencio 23 Feb

LCpl Moscoso 25 Feb

Cpl Prewitt 25 Feb

Cpl Ryan 27 Feb

LCpl Moriarty 28 Feb


Cpl Bauer 12 Mar

Cpl Silkwood 12 Mar

Sgt Caruso 13 Mar

LCpl Huerta 22 Mar

LCpl Yim 27 Mar

Sgt Flint 29 Mar

LCpl Hardy 30 Mar