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Bravo Company Marines, Sailors, Families, and Friends:


Happy New Year!  I hope everyone in the Bravo family was able to have a Merry Christmas and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends.  The past few months have been incredibly busy for the Marines and sailors of Company B.  Throughout this quarter, the company spent a total of 5 weeks in the field, with another week conducting simulated exercises focusing on “combined arms” integration.  Additionally, the company spent the weeks leading up to the holidays preparing for our semi-annual tank gunnery right around the corner.  The focus of the company over these past four months has been offensive operations, defensive operations, combined arms breaching, and Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear defense operations.  As always your Marines and sailors excelled and continue to do outstanding things within the battalion.


The upcoming quarter will continue to be a busy one for the company.  The company will head out to qualify during our semi-annual tank gunnery, spending the better part of a month on the tank range.  The days are long and the competition is intense amongst the individual crews and platoons, but gunnery training truly embodies what being in a tank battalion is all about. 


Shortly after gunnery ends in February, the company will be participating in our Battalion Field Exercise (BNFEX) “Operation Iron Blitz” aboard Camp Lejeune.  This exercise involves units from multiple services, occupational specialties, and skill sets from up and down the East Coast.  BNFEX will be one of the largest exercises to take place aboard Camp Lejeune in recent years. 


In March the company will conduct semi-annual tank services (think 50,000 mile services for your vehicle).  During this time, though your Marine or sailor will be home every night, the days are typically quite long and labor intensive.  These services are important for the company so that we can ensure our tanks are combat ready at all times.


The battalion is coordinating numerous “relationship building” events for single Marines, married Marines and their significant others, or folks that just want to improve their day to day relationships.  I highly encourage you to attend if able.  The next seminar will take place on 22 January at the 2d Tank Battalion Command Post.  Your Marine or sailor has access to all of the details.   



Some future dates to keep in mind:

  • Semi Annual Tank Gunnery          11 January – 6 February

  • Healthy Relationship Seminar:     22 January

  • Battalion Field Exercise:         19-26 February

  • Semi Annual Tank Services:        Month of March


Company B Tanker of the Quarter:

The Tanker of the Quarter is Corporal Edward J. Douse. Cpl Douse hails from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  He was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Corporal in December while attending the 2d Tank Battalion Corporals Course.  While attending the course, Cpl Douse was voted by his peers to receive the “Gung Ho” Award for his enthusiasm and ability to bring folks together as a team. 


Semper Tanks,


Captain Kevin Newport