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Hello Marines, Sailors, Families, and Friends of Headquarters and Service Company!

Thank you for your support!  I’m greatly appreciative of the hard work of H&S Company Marines this month as we prepare to travel with 2d Tank Battalion to Fort Pickett, Virginia and execute our annual Deployment For Training (DFT) during the month of March. 

I understand it will be a busy time for everyone with preparing for and executing DFT, PCS season on the horizon, and the end of tax season approaching quickly upon our return from Fort Pickett.  We have an abundance of resources and support at our disposal to assist with significant life events to include Family Readiness, the Base Tax Center, Military OneSource, dstressline.com, and a host of others.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to 2d Tanks for points of contact at any of these resources.  Also, our Family Readiness Officer regularly schedules representatives from support-oriented groups on base as speakers at our monthly Iron Horse Seminars.

During DFT, H&S Company will conduct a wide variety of training to maintain our readiness for combat.  Starting with railhead operations and unloading our vehicles and equipment, we will continue to support the Battalion while executing smalls arms and machine gun ranges, a hand grenade range, land navigation training, a reconnaissance, surveillance & detection course, a fire support coordination exercise, and a Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation (MCCRE) to finish out the month.


Captain Jacob A. McIlwain

Headquarters and Service Company Commander





Events and Dates to Keep in Mind:

STRATMOBEX:       29 January – 6 February

DFT               24 February – 3 April

Gunnery Support:  February (Company B and MEU)


Congratulations to the following Marines promoted to Lance Corporal:


LCPL  Gerrell, Alexander S.  

LCPL  Justin, Ronald M.      

LCPL  Ludt, Dylan A.

LCPL  Reid III, James R.

LCPL  Robertson, Craig J.

LCPL  Starkweather, Tyler D.


Congratulations to the following Marines promoted to Corporal:


CPL   Rogers, Joshua R.

CPL   Sherpinskas, Dustin A.

CPL   Blankenship, Justin S.


Congratulations to the following Marine promoted to Staff Sergeant:


SSGT  Smilingcheatham, Courtney R.


Congratulations to the following Marine promoted to Master Gunnery Sergeant:


MGYSGT Sanchez, Ramon A.