Family Readiness

            On behalf of the Commanding Officer, welcome to the 2d Combat Engineer Battalion (CEB) family. My name is Michael Cline, and I am the unit Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC). The purpose of DRC is to be the link between the unit and the families and to assist the Marines, Sailors, and families in establishing and maintaining a balance within the military lifestyle.  Military life is unique to all other lifestyles and requires specific support efforts in order to thrive. As the DRC, my job is to be the face of the Commander’s vision for Family Readiness within our unit and provide support to each Marine and Sailor and also their family members through proactive outreach and intervention in the form of the following functions: Official Communication, Information and Referral, Readiness and Deployment Support, Family Outreach, and Volunteer Management.  By increasing personal and family readiness we increase unit readiness.  There is a real sense of gravity and urgency involved in requiring each Marine and Sailor to establish and sustain themselves and their family members in a constant state of readiness.  The 2d CEB Family Readiness Command Team is here to help you do just that!

            Official Command Communication will be distributed with a monthly newsletter, maintaining an up-to-date official command webpage, passing official command messages via MOL, and passing unit and Camp Lejeune event information via our Facebook page.  To ensure that your email has been added, please email me. 

            My goal is to not only disseminate official command information that is pertinent to the unit, but to also market the benefits the Marine, Sailor, and family members will receive and the many pitfalls that can be avoided by engaging fully into the Deployment Readiness Program.  Family Readiness Assistant Training, CREDO, L.I.N.K.S., the Pre-deployment brief, In the Midst Brief, and the Return and Reunion brief are just a few of the workshops and briefs provided through Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB), our unit Deployment Readiness Program, and the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Team offered to support Marines, Sailors, and families.  By attending the many FREE courses offered and by taking advantage of FREE services, like Military OneSource, you will find yourself well balanced and equipped to handle life in the military.

            There are a number of opportunities to volunteer.  Not only will your volunteer service benefit the Marines, Sailors, and families of 2d CEB, but it will also aid in building your resume and promote personal growth.  I encourage and welcome anyone interested in volunteering with us.

              Again, welcome to the 2d Combat Engineer Battalion family!  I stand ready to assist you with any need you may encounter.  I can be contacted by office phone at 910-440-6304, cell phone at 910-381-3906 or by email at


Very Respectfully,

Michael E. Cline