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Philosophy of Command: Always understand that my primary focus is preparing our Battalion to answer the call of “Engineers Up!” In order to answer that call, it requires Marines and Sailors who exercise sound moral and ethical leadership at all levels of command, who have an agile and creative mind, who are both mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of combat and who are both technically and tactically proficient in their MOS and basic infantry skills. We will not get to choose our battles or our mission but make no mistake about it: we will always strive to be ready for the unknown, we will always accomplish the mission, and we will do so in a manner which reflects the high standards and traditions of our Marine Corps…. The Nation and our families deserve nothing less.

  • Leadership: Genuine, engaged leadership is central to everything we do. Leadership ensures the mission gets accomplished and provides for the welfare of our Marines and Sailors. Leadership is a sacred responsibility for all of us from the Fire-Team Leader to the Battalion Commander. Lead with a genuine desire to ensure the success of your Marines and invest in their personal and professional development. Be faithful to our Marines and our Corps.
  • Training: We must conduct focused, mission oriented training that develops Marines and Sailors who are tactically sound, aggressive small-unit leaders; skilled at ethical decision-making in chaotic, violent, and uncertain environments. Know your mission, know your METs and train to accomplish them. Be technically and tactically proficient. Know our weapons systems and those of the enemy. We must be brilliant in the basics of shoot, move, communicate and medicate. Mobility, military demolitions and basic infantry skills are paramount for training.
  • Combat mindset: As an individual and as a unit, be mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of combat at all times. The world we live in shifts rapidly from periods of relative calm to chaotic and intense combat situations. If you are mentally and physically prepared for the worst of that spectrum then your chance of success is exponentially increased. Conducting proper continuing actions in garrison and training has a direct tie to the disciplined actions that are required in combat.
  • Readiness: When the Nation calls we must be ready. We must always maintain a very high state of readiness: supply, maintenance, medical/dental and administration are essential to the readiness of the battalion. Don’t expect to fight/deploy with a full T/O or T/E. We have what we have. Remember that we are stewards of our Nation’s resources… Take care of it and keep it ready.
  • Creativity: An agile and adaptive Marine always accomplishes the mission. Find a way to solve problems and look for creative solutions to problems. Make do with what we have but never sacrifice our standards or core values.
  • Safety: It is integrated into everything we undertake, is a shared responsibility and in the end saves lives and gets the mission accomplished. Safety measures exist in training, on liberty and in combat.
  • Standards and Accountability: There is only one standard, the Marine Corps standard. Live by it, help everyone understand the importance of it, and enforce it. We are accountable to our Nation, the Marine Corps, the Division, the history of this Battalion, our families and each other….don’t let any of them down.

We will go forward from this day with the warrior spirit and fierce determination that all Marines of the 2d Marine Division have come to expect from the Marines of 2d CEB! I am proud to be your Commanding Officer and I look forward to serving with you. Engineers Up! Semper Fidelis!

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding Officer